Founded in 2015 and located in a 150 year-old textile mill on the Saco River five miles from the Maine coast, Round Turn Distilling embodies the pragmatism and industriousness of its New England forebears. While the mill once used the waters of the river to power its massive looms, Round Turn uses steam to power its modern, steel and copper still. The still is itself an embodiment of tradition informed by innovation. Built in Etna, Maine, by Trident Stills, it blends the basic principles of the centuries-old pot-still with modern innovations and efficiencies. After all, tradition was once innovation in its time. Founders Kristina Hansen and Darren Case, both Maine natives, returned home from Brooklyn, NY, in 2014 to start Round Turn Distilling. They were drawn by the community of artists and entrepreneurs in Biddeford, a culture very similar to Brooklyn's. Kristina and Darren live for the moments that bring friends and family together, often gathered around a plate or bottle. They hope their hard work will produce quality spirits worthy of sharing those moments.

Bimini Gin uses a neutral base spirit made from non-GMO American corn and distilled four times for exceptional purity. During distillation, the botanicals are separated into groups. Each group is milled, macerated for 2-4 days, and distilled separately. Using a packed column with a dephlegmator, the vapor temperature is closely controlled to maximize Bimini’s herbal notes and creamy texture. Originating in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the water in Bimini Gin comes from the Saco River which flows past the distillery to the Atlantic Ocean.

Available Products & Tasting Notes

Original Gin (available in 750 ml and liter)

Distilled very slowly to preserve all the lovely natural flavors and oils that gives this Gin great depth and texture. Nice balanced juniper notes, mild honey, aged genever, citrus, spice, hint of sweetness and herbaceiousness.  

Botanicals:  Bulgarian Juniper, Mt. Hood Hops, Dried grapefruit peel, Chamomile, Orris Root, Corriander, and malted barley.  

Overproof Gin
While the Overproof starts with the same botanical make-up and production as Bimini Gin, it maintains a different balance of flavors because it is completely unfiltered. In particular, the juniper is more robust up front and the hops more clearly defined in the middle palate.

Barrel Reserve Gin

The original Bimini Gin is aged for 3 months in thre different types of twice used barrels: ex-bourbon/ex-apple brandy barrel, ex-bourbon/ex-Caribbean rum barrel, and ex-bourbon/ex-sea salt barrel.  

The barrels enhance they regular gins botanicals. The citrus notes of the hopes and grapefruit are intensified with hints of salinity. The juniper up front mingles with tree fruit and finishes with caramel and vanilla.


        Bimini Gin with botanicals

2        Founders Darren Case and Kristina Hansen in production

3        Bimini Gin & Tonic

4        Available offerings from Bimini Gin

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